Q & A with Sandia Home Founder & Creative Director Debby Cummins

Q & A with Sandia Home Founder & Creative Director Debby Cummins

Welcome to a Q & A with one of the founders and the Creative Director of Sandia Home, Debby Cummins. Debby has been an interior designer for years and is known for her colorful, exuberant style. It is exciting to learn more about this creative woman, her inspirations behind the designs, and the company.

Q: Tell us about your personal decorating style

A: Professionally, I want my work to reflect my clients’ tastes, interests and personalities. Comfort, flexibility, and appropriate design for their lifestyles inform every design scheme. My personal style veers toward a love of English antiques with an eccentric bent. And not everything needs to be pedigreed: I love mixing quirky vintage pieces with classic modern design. But above all, I love color. Color equals mood to me. 

Q: Who are your top five interior designers (past/present)

A: My top five interior designers (past and present) are Mark Hampton, Sister Parrish, Elsie de Wolfe, Mario Buatta, and John Saladino. And honestly, I could name a bunch more. 

Q: What are five (material) possessions you could not live without?

A: Five material possessions I could not live without? My kindle, my cell phone, a sleep mask, my wedding rings, fresh fruit.

Cheese Board

Q: How did you get started in interior design?

A: Three things converged to lead me into becoming an interior designer: I was an interior design columnist for The Cincinnati Enquirer; I designed my own kitchen renovation; my house was on a number of house tours. People began asking for my help designing their homes, so I decided to do it full time and joined an established decorating firm. 

Q: What are your sources for inspiration?

A: Each new project inspires me to consider 

1) function: how will the space be used

2) suitability: tying the design to its location 

3) aesthetics: how can I make this space as pretty as possible? But beyond those three basic parameters I look for a fun “hook”. Something a bit offbeat to inspire a color scheme or architectural detail - it could be a collection of majolica oyster plates, a love of blue and white transferware or a 1950s popsicle stick lamp. Who lives here? What do they love to do? How can I make their home their personal haven?

Q: What new pieces are you currently working on that we can look forward to in the coming months?

A: I am motivated to solve lifestyle issues with humor and color. And I want to design furniture that is versatile, beautifully made, and a future heirloom. 

People today want comfort comfort comfort. And I’m all for that.  But they sometimes over value durability. And if you choose durability over beauty,  you may end up with ugly furniture that lasts forever. 

We can’t wait to watch as Sandia Home grows! 

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