It Started With A Heart

It Started With A Heart

Ellen is at my office one day looking at fabrics to redo her library curtains, when she suddenly says, “Why can’t we start a furniture company?”

“Well, we can,”I respond, somewhat cautiously.

“Okay,” she directs. “Start drawing.”

I go to my desk and scribble a sketch of the BFF Table.   

I show it to her and we discuss its details. Its name. The gold detail. The color. The size.

“Love it!”, says Ellen. “Let’s do it!”

In short order Ellen enlists the help of her daughter, Ari, a kindergarten teacher, to do a cardboard mock up of The BFF, complete with navy blue spray paint and a gold edge. It looks fantastic.

I’m thinking, hey, this is gonna be a piece of cake!

Months go by, filled with redo’s. We are designing and producing scads of prototype ottomans, and I am finding inspiration for them wherever I look. But the BFF Table is stalled. Nothing meets our quality expectations.

Finally, we contact an impeccable family-owned firm to see if they would make our BFF. Of course we should’ve started there; we knew all along they were going to be the best. And in two weeks we have our prototype - fully painted, with the legs tightly attached, lightweight, yet sturdy, the gold just right. We choose a bright pink paint as the first color to launch our BFF, because to us the color just says “heart”.